Reprint News

Happy Fat Tuesday, y’all! I’m taking a wee break from writing a new story (which features, of course, dead things, because some days it seems I am fundamentally incapable of writing anything that doesn’t have dead things), and a wee break from feasting on pancakes, pizza, and soda (because I am giving up soda for Lent this year, which means, yes, I may die) to deliver a bit of happy news.

My short story, “Red Sky at Night,” has been picked up for reprint in Monomyth. Huzzah! There was much rejoicing! We shall feast upon the souls of the unbelievers!

It’s not for pay, alas, but it’s a long-running (22 years!) print magazine out of the UK and a step in the right direction. And really, really great news. News I needed. Some days, it feels like an uphill slog through quicksand.

The worst part is the feeling of starting all over. I had made some real inroads with my short stories 8-10 years ago, before I “decided” to kick one addiction by picking up a new one that devoured my life for three years, finished me off with a nice, chunky depression, and then left me wallowing in my own miserable funk for a few years more. By the time I got my shit together again, I had let my HWA membership lapse, and most of the markets I had sold to for actual, professional money had closed. Professional respect, thou art fleeting.

So, yeah, it’s starting from the bottom again. But thanks to Monomyth, I’ve climbed back up the hill a bit, and can only pray it gets a little easier with every step.

Writing is hard, man.

But it keeps me sane.