Something to Tide You Over

Pardon me while I steal the title of this post from Stephen King and George Romero.

I realized today that my last News and Updates post — the one where I said “coming soon!” or something along those lines — had been sitting there leering at all and sundry for a few months now with nary an update in sight. So here’s an update on my update.

I’m in the process of overhauling the blog/website, which is why old posts are missing, and some of the pages are pretty bare-bones at the moment. I even need to revamp my bio (we rescued/adopted a new dog, for starters), so that’s all stuff on my To-Do List.

WHY am I planning an overhaul? More on that later, but it’s mostly to reflect a shift in my genre focus. Or rather, a broadening of that focus. AND…

I’ve returned to traditional publishing — again, for reasons I’ll get into later.

I’ve also been largely silent/absent from social media.

I quit Facebook — AGAIN — but this time I swear it’s for good. Even if some lovely agent or publisher down the road tied me up and forced me to do it, I think I would beg, whine, plead and cry for a plain old author page that someone else maintains on my behalf, because Facebook makes me want to spork out my eyes.

(Just realized that was probably bad PR or something — maybe I just insulted a whole slew of rabid FB fans who will never read my stories now because I’m a FACEBOOK HATER and somewhere my future agent just got a migraine.)

I’ll probably be signing off/deleting my other social media eventually as well. I know, I know, everybody is all about branding and platform these days, but it’s distracting me. Maybe down the road I’ll feel differently about it, but right now it’s an aggravation.

(Can’t I just be Ray Bradbury when I grow up? He HATED the Internet!)

(Dear God: Please let me grow up to be Ray Bradbury. Thank you. Amen.)

ALL of this is on the back burner, however. I have several deadlines and word-goals I’ve set for myself, and I won’t be doing much Internetting (it’s a word because I said so) until those are met. These past few months have been busy-crazy-awesome-argh: I have five short stories up for reprint, one in queue, six more in various stages of completion, and a novel that just keeps chugging along — one word, one sentence, one page at a time.

Most days, I think I know what I’m doing. When I don’t — hey, that’s part of the fun. Still writing (because I’ll die if I don’t), still reading Fantasy & Science Fiction and Locus and dreaming about sitting at the Cool Kids Table. (Although the Hugos were in Finland this year. So I probably would have spent the con humming or singing Monty Python: “You’re so near to Russia … so far from Japan…” While looking like Grandmama Addams, hunched over and cackling in some corner and … okay, so the Cool Kids Table is probably out.)

In other news: The NC State Fair was awesome again this year. The White Cheddar and Bacon Pretzel Dog is delicious and probably bad for you: Eat it anyway. We have a new dog, so now there are four. (A real dog. Not a pretzel dog.) My son got his driver’s license. He drives really well, which is proof that all his driving genes came from his father and not from me. And best of all, Halloween is a week away, which means MY BIRTHDAY is a week away, because yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am just that awesome.

So until I catch up with my word-making and give myself permission to Internet again, may the hair on your toes never fall out, and may your forehead grow like the mighty oak!