Gosh, don’t I look SWEET? I could be your mom. Or your auntie. Aunt Creepy, that’s me.

The (Short) Official Bio:

Libby Faucette is the author of several horror and dark fantasy short stories. Her works range from twisted fairy tales to science-fiction to Southern Gothic, but (almost) without exception, at some point they will take a turn into terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. She lives in eastern North Carolina with her husband and her son, plus three dogs who like to drag home dead things and leave them in the yard.

The (Longer) Chatty Bio:

True story: I was born on Halloween night on Gallows Road.

I have been a little warped ever since.

I write scary stories. I seem to be wired with what King calls “a love of the night and the unquiet coffin.” I collect the morbid, the macabre, the grotesque, the spooky, the strange, and the just plain weird, like some deeply unsettling magpie, and invariably those things will find their way into my fiction.

Hello, neighbor. You look delicious.

I’m an indie author. I browsed the traditional path once — my stories have appeared in several online and print collections, and I’m a former member of the HWA — but for various reasons I grew disillusioned with traditional publishing and investigated the indie route instead. I find the possibilities for indie authors endlessly exciting, and it fits me to a T. I’ve never been a fan of middle men; I like cutting through the tape and offering my fiction directly to the people who read it. It’s definitely hard work, but oh! what a ride!

I am currently working on a dark fantasy novel, the first in a series. It’s a Gothic cyber-Victorian nightmare fairy tale; think Neuromancer crossed with Jack the Ripper, Grimm, and piles upon piles of decaying corpses. I also write short stories, poetry, plays, and nonfiction on the morbid and macabre, horror literature, comic books, pop culture, and films.

I post freebies of my short stories on Wattpad; you can find them HERE.

I live with my (long-suffering, patient, and extremely good-humored) husband and son on a farm in eastern North Carolina, USA. I have three dogs: a sweet-natured Labrador I’ve affectionately nicknamed “Ferdinand the Bull” (he just wants to sit quietly, smell the flowers, and have his belly rubbed); a wide-open, full-throttle beagle/coonhound mix that really does bring home dead things and decaying (animal) body parts on a regular basis; and a Lab/bull mastiff mix that does NOT like strangers. (Seriously, the NO TRESPASSING and BEWARE OF DOG signs are there for a reason. He’s quiet. And sneaky. You have been warned.)

That said, feel free to contact me! He hasn’t figured out how to get on the Internet yet.

Twitter: @AuntCreepy

Facebook: LibbyFaucetteAuthor

Pinterest: LibbyFaucette