My Real Life Haunted House Story (Part 3)

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The Weirdness Gets Weirder

The period of escalation probably started with The Halloween Man.

One night after I had given my son a bath, I took him into the living room, wrapped in a towel, in order to dry him off. (Our bathroom was TINY; drying him off and dressing him in the living room was more convenient.) He was no more than two or three at the time. He was facing me as I dried him off, but staring over my shoulder at the corner behind me (our couch, where I was sitting, was in the middle of the room). Now, there was nothing in that corner — no furniture, no pictures — but my son kept staring into it with this dazed, trance-like expression on his face. He didn’t look afraid, just blank. I looked back there, following his line of sight, and saw nothing, so I asked him what he was looking at.

Very quietly and calmly, he said, “The Halloween Man.”

“And … he’s right behind me. Great. Just … great.”

When pressed to explain, he said nothing. A few seconds later, he lost all interest and sat down beside me to finish watching television.

Shortly after that, the water faucets began turning on and off by themselves. It was eeriest when the laundry sink faucet would turn on; I would suddenly realize I heard running water, at a distance, and investigation would lead me through that black pantry and its strange hidden door into the empty laundry room — and there would be the faucet, going full-blast in an empty room. It happened in the bathroom and kitchen as well — and on one memorable occasion (I was actually on the phone with my best friend at the time), every sink faucet in the house — there were four — turned on at once.

The back door would frequently unlock and open by itself. This happened several times, sometimes right after one of us had walked through, closed it, and turned the deadbolt. I once watched my husband walk through that door, shut and lock it behind him, then while he was walking toward me, the lock clicked softly and the door swung open behind him, without a sound, with nothing but night and empty fields on the other side.

My husband and I had a wickerwork headboard on our bed. Some nights we would be awakened by the sound of light scratching against the wicker. Of course, we thought it might be a mouse, but hanging off our headboard and endlessly scratching it seemed like an odd thing for a mouse to do, and thumping/shaking the headboard didn’t stop it.

For a brief period of time, if one of us went into the bathroom and locked the door, the doorknob would turn back and forth on its own, or the door would be given a brisk shake in the frame — almost as if someone on the other side of the door was testing it to see if it was locked. All the previously mentioned events (with the exception of two major ones I’ll detail in the next part) were fairly consistent once they were introduced and would continue off and on during our entire residence in the house, but the “bathroom door game” was one that appeared only to disappear again just as suddenly in less than a month.

All of these events were witnessed by my husband and me, sometimes together, sometimes alone. My son remembers the doorknob game, but not the Halloween Man. My best friend witnessed the clock and the opening doors, and experienced the voices, the scratching on the headboard, and the mysterious rattling doorknob (the faucets, too, if you count that she was on the phone with me at the time). Other guests in the house reported feeling uncomfortable when left alone in a room, especially after dark — even casual guests who had been told nothing about the strange goings-on in the house.

Continued in Part 4

8 thoughts on “My Real Life Haunted House Story (Part 3)

  1. Ok I think when Sandy and I come we need to stay at a motel, you are on the same property and since you have been upgrading your Halloween man may be moving in soon. 😜

    1. Bwahaha–nah, you’ll be fine! You can stay at a hotel if you want, but we’ve been living in (and renovating!) our farmhouse for five years now, and it’s very quiet and peaceful. If there are any ghosts in our current house, they’re all family and very protective–the Halloween Man doesn’t stand a chance. 😉

  2. I bear witness to almost EVERYTHING above… yay me? Hahaha.

    For starters, I was the best friend on the phone when the water faucets were turning on, and I heard them, clear as day. Libby was trying to be so upbeat, like this was nothing, as to not scare her son, so I just kept hearing this cheery, “And now the kitchen is on! And now the bathtub! Let me go turn that off…”

    I think my very first actual experience in that house was the door opening — in my case, it was the first time I met Libby’s mom. It was the middle of the day, and I was sitting in the living room. I watched her come inside, into the kitchen, shut the door, and as she started walking toward the living room, the door just calmly and quietly opened up behind her. She didn’t even notice. I remember looking at Libby, who saw it too, and she just shrugged. LOL

    The headboard thing was probably the last thing I experienced, before they moved out. Libby’s husband was out of town so I was staying with her, and we just chatting. I could hear the headboard scratching (she had not told me about that happening) but neither of us mentioned it. Finally, I just said, “You hear that too, right?” She said, “Yup.” Then we just tried to go to sleep and pretend we didn’t!

    Oh! And the bathroom doorknob thing may have started with me! I think it was the first time I stayed there. I went to use the bathroom and mid-use, I see the doorknob turn and the door push forward a little, as if someone was trying to come in. I remember thinking that was odd because everyone was in the living room watching a movie and that was the only bathroom in the house — everyone knew I was in there. Still, I called out that I was in there, and it stopped. I thought maybe Libby’s husband tried to come in? I didn’t think anything spooky. So I came back out and kind of laughingly asked if anyone tried to come in the bathroom, and I just got blank stares.

    So, um… sorry about that one. 😉

    1. *diiiiies* You’re right–the bathroom door thing totally started when you showed up! Maybe the ghost(s) had the hots for you and REALLY wanted to watch you pee? 😉

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