Summer Recap

Hello again, my freaky darlings!

A thousand apologies, a million mea culpas for the extended radio silence on this, Zee Blog o’ Doom. I’ve been taking a wee break from social media to catch up on writing (because hopefully that’s what y’all really want, and not a bunch of relentless navel-gazing). The one exception to this has been Twitter, which I’m new to this year but zomg, I’m already a fan. For people like me who are 1) easily distracted, and 2) plagued by the incessant need to write, write, write until the words are piled eyeball-high (brevity is not one of my strong suits; I’m a word glutton and no mistake), Twitter seems to be a wonderful way for me to feel connected to reading/writing fans and friends without getting lost for hours on end in crafting some perfect, scintillating post. If I can’t cram it into 140 characters, it probably wasn’t worth saying anyway, and I move on. Twitter is mah new friend.

did participate in the July Camp NaNoWriMo, but it came up on me fast and I almost missed it. I ended up meeting my goal of 50K, though, and upped it to 70K, meeting that as well with a few days to spare. I had originally intended to participate with a few writing friends for this one, in a private cabin, but as noted, it sort of jumped out at me from behind a bush like Jason Voorhees and I barely scooted in myself.

It was very productive, though. I finished all the “back work” for October Dim, including fleshing out back stories and taking my rough outline to the next level. I know that’s not for everyone, but I like writing the entire novel out in a form of scenic shorthand first. I think of it as verbal storyboarding — the entire novel is written in a detailed, summarized form, which makes the actual writing process that much easier. I’m just fleshing out a story that’s already there, which is my preferred method of working. I’m a combined pantser/plotter. More plotter, obviously, but I think of my outline as a map for my writing road trip. I don’t ignore the flashes of additional inspiration when they come — yes, let’s take this detour to see the World’s Biggest Ball of String! — but I want to know how to get back.

Or we could go see THE THING! Shout-out, AZ fans!

I cleaned out my Pinterest board for October Dim as well, which was tremendously enlightening. I went through and removed all the inspirational pins that no longer applied to the novel, but in doing so it was fun to see how the novel has evolved from those first days when it was just some vague, nebulous idea into the full-fledged creation it is well on its way to becoming now. You can get a feel for the novel as a whole by browsing through that board, which tickles me to no end. I’m a very visual person, too, so it helps me get in the right headspace every time I sit down to write. I can’t thank Joanna Penn enough for the suggestion. I never would have thought of it on my own, and it’s proven invaluable.

So, summer recap is as follows: I’m 3/4 of the way through the Cliff Notes version of the current novel. I have a collection of short stories coming out in beta before the end of the month, with several reprints and some new things as well. The summer is hot, the cotton is high, and the horror abounds! More news and updates to come!